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In addition to his decades of commercial VO work, Morgan spent many happy years performing with Crazydog Audio Theatre company, enjoying the diversity of characters and roles that he was given (BIG BIG SPACE; THE LAST HARBINGER; INFIDEL; DIABOLIC PLAYHOUSE; POET LAUREATE OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CORK).  He also played Padraig Pearse in Tinpot Productions’ THE LOST PATRIOT, And for Henchman Productions as Sir Earnest Shackleton ENDURANCE (RADIO KERRY), as well as in BELONG (NEWSTALK), HOME AGAIN (NEWSTALK), MATCHES (NEWSTALK), and in WILLIAM MELVILLE, THE QUEEN’S DETECTIVE (RADIO KERRY).

Look out for Morgan as Professor Graham Gray in HARRY WILD starring Jane Seymour – Season 2 out now from Acorn TV, and as Dr James Brussell in Brainstorm Productions’ SCARY TALES OF NEW YORK. He most recently appeared as a sadistic singing Dentist in Fionn Foley’s bizarre musical short CANTATA which is currently wowing cinema fesitval audiences around the globe



He played in the feature films SEPARATION ANXIETY,  WITHOUT NAME and OUT OF INNOCENCE and starred as disgraced banker Sean FitzPatrick in THE GUARANTEE, He once played a man who thinks he is R2D2 in the independent short EVEN DROIDS HAVE FRIENDS, and Morgan also appears in the controversial short film DETAINMENT which was nominated for an Academy Award at the 2019 Oscars.

Tv & Film

Morgan plays doomed caretaker Charlie Harte in the 2021 edgy horror comedy BOYS FROM COUNTY HELL. He has appeared on television (QUANTICO; NOWHERE FAST; RIPPER STREET; VIKINGS; TRIVIA2; NIGHTHAWKS; THE BASEMENT; THIS IS NIGHTLIVE) and on film (THE GUARANTEE; SPIDER’S TRAP; SEPARATION ANXIETY), He has provided the voices for several animated characters (THE UGLY DUCKLING & ME; BALLYBRADDEN; GARTH AND BEV; GALAKTIK FOOTBALL; NIKO AND THE WAY TO THE STARS). Other TV and film roles include the sadistic funk-Style Dentist in Fionn Foley’s recent musical short CANTATA; voicing a village full of islanders and the incredibly happy MR O’DEAR in cartoon series INIS SPROAI (released in the USA under the title “Rock-a-bye Island”); and as a Braavosi Sea Captain in Season V of cult show GAME OF THRONES


He has performed on stage at Dublin’s Gaiety, Olympia, Project, Andrew’s Lane and Tivoli theatres in dramatic roles in BIG MOM; BORSTAL BOY; THE STUFF OF MYTH and GOTTA MAKE THAT TRAIN. 2019 saw him reprise his role as Charles J Haughey in the national tour of Fishamble’s HAUGHEY/GREGORY, and undertake the roles of Claudius and The Ghost in HAMLET directed by Joe Dowling. In 2020 he appeared briefly in an operating theatre “It broke up the monotony of Lockdown” he says now.

2022 saw a return to the stage with the first production of THE UNITED STATES VERSUS ULYSSES (written and directed by Haughey/Gregory creative duo Colin Murphy and Conall Morrisson) at The Pavillion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire. In 2023 he played former stand up comedian turned podcasting shock jock Tom Hooks in the Four Rivers production of Dominic Palmer’s THE LAST STAND directed by Ben Barnes. THE UNITED STATES VERSUS ULYSSES returned to The Pavillion and a limited national tour in November 2023 with plans afoot for a New York run in 2024


Audiobook narration

A selection of many of the audiobooks narrated by Morgan C Jones, (excluding his recording of the U.S.A. release of Roddy Doyle’s LOVE) can be found on Audible

Morgan has also narrated all of the books and short stories in the hilarious DUBLIN TRILOGY written by Caimh McDonnell mapping the exploits and adventures of Bunny McGarry and friends


Starting his stand up comedy journey aged 16, from 1985 until 2002 Morgan performed as a solo standup comedian and in improv all over Ireland and in the UK and Scandanavia, but then he recovered and is feeling Much, much better now. He still performs as one half of the comedy duo Carmody & Jones (who are taking time off for good behaviour)




Commercial voiceovers are licensed for One Year from 1st TX for usage (broadcast/streaming schedule) provided by commissioning client(s). Any usage outside this period or stated broadcast/streaming will require payment of additional fees


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**AUDIO THEATRE REEL CLIPS – feature the vocal talents of Louis Gregg; Karen Ardiff; Owen Roe; Philip Proctor; Melinda Peterson; Anthony Brophy, and Roger Gregg. Clips courtesy of CRAZYDOG AUDIO THEATRE)

***Photos of Morgan C Jones on this website photo credit: Steve Langan, City Headshots, Dublin.  Morgan C Jones at the Dublin International Film Festival gala premiere of Marian Quinn’s TWIG – Photo: Brian McEvoy. Stills taken from John Kelleher Media’s film The Guarantee, directed by Ian Power,  feature David Murray, Peter Coonan and Morgan C Jones.  Morgan C Jones as Doctor Devastation in Made Ordinary – Photo Christian Kotey. Production stills from The Fox, written and directed by Klaas Van Eijkeren – Photos by Floris Van Bergen. Production still from DETAINMENT features Tom Pigot, Kathy  Monahan, Leon Hughes, Morgan C Jones and Brian Fortune – courtesy of Vincent Lambe. Photos from Haughey/Gregory written by Colin Murphy feature Morgan C Jones, Janet Moran, Jonathan White, Peter Coonan, and Ruari Heading – stills courtesy of Fishamble. Production stills from Boys From County Hell feature Marty Maguire, Nigel O’Neill, Morgan C Jones, Jack Rowan, Louisa Harland and Michael Hough – courtesy of Chris Baugh.   Photos from Once Off Productions’ The United States Versus Ulysses written by Colin Murphy feature  Morgan C Jones, Jonathan White, Mark Lambert, Helen Norton, Ross Gaynor, and Janet Moran Photos by Patricio Cassinoni.  Morgan C Jones as Dr James Brussell in Scary Tales Of New York courtesy of Brainstorm Productions. Photos from The Last Stand written by Dominic Pamer and directed by Ben Barnes feature Fiona Browne, Dylan Kennedy and Morgan C Jones – stills courtesy of Four Rivers.


THE SMALL PRINT: Morgan C Jones is a semi-fictional construct owned entirely by Sound Entertaining! Limited for the purposes of voice recording, consuming coffee and generally having a good time. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Store out of direct sunlight. DO NOT IRON. Contents may differ from picture on front of face. For best results top up regularly with tequila. CAUTION: Stairs can go up as well as down. The value of your investments may prove to be of little use when you are no longer here to revel in them. Survival is the ultimate form of revenge. Hell is other people, at airports usually. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Sometimes there is such a thing as a stupid question ie; Can you please emphasize the word ‘in’ in the phrase ‘in July’?  – “Why? That doesn’t make any sense. Sorry. There’s no known way of saying an English sentence in which you begin a sentence with ‘in’ and emphasize it. Get me a jury and show me how you can say “in July”, and I’ll go down on you. That’s just idiotic, if you’ll forgive me my saying so. That’s just stupid, “in July”; I’d love to know how you emphasize ‘in‘ in “In July”…impossible! Meaningless!” – {Orson Welles 1970}. Fruera hora, serius est quam cogitas. Avoid running with scissors. Exercise frequently. Bordefordewor {Alex P. Lyons}. Dream. 

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