McDonalds Taxi

An unusual one for me this…I’m the robo-cabbie Jo-MAXe. Unusual because its halfway between a VO and a performance. That’s really me there under the CGI robot head. Great fun to spend a day on a gimble in front of a green screen – it fulfilled a good few of my childhood dreams of working in Sci-Fi, and I even got to be the off screen voice of the Hovercab Despatcher at the top of the commercial too.
Creative and production credits to Sweet Media, Echolab, John Hayes, Driscoll Calder, Emma O’Beirne, Jake Walshe, James Mather, Cawley Nea TBWA, and Martin Cowman. Passengers: Flynn – Jamie McClean; Pat – Johnny Ward; Liam – Ben Reynolds
Robot & additional character VO – Morgan C.Jones